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450 Protesters Detained in Belarus - Video

June 22, Belarus police detained about 450 people during the crackdown on the action of silent solidarity. More than 200 of them were detained in Minsk, the rest - in the regions. In Minsk, about 80 detainees were taken to the Tsentralni police department of the capital, about 50 - to the Savetski, 56 - to the Leninski and 26 - to the Frunzenski police departments.

There's a large number of journalists among those detained in Minsk: Oleh Hruzdzilovich, Ruslan Ryndevich, Pavel Podobed, Ales Piletski, Sergei Balay and others. Opposition activists Maxim Viniarski, Ivan Kalita, Alexander Barazenka and others were also detained. It is reported that there're some beaten among the detainees. For example, a representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Ilya Petrovets had his nose broken, another detainee Sergei Vashkevich had to call an ambulance, reports Human Rights Centre "Viasna."

The Leninski district police department released all the detainees without being drawn up. Other police department haven't reported on the situation.

About 40 People were Detained in Maladzechno

Almost everyone who tried to go to the main square of the city was forcefully placed in the paddy wagon. The exact number of protesters in Maladzechno is unknown. They are reported to be more than a week earlier. BPF Youth activist Vladimir Shulzhitski is among the detainees.

Minimum four people (Vladimir Maliarchuk of the UCP, poet Alesia Narkevich, writer Mikhas Kulesh, businessman Aleksei Cherepan) were detained in Vileika, the same number of protesters were arrested in Vitsebsk. In Zhodina, where the number of protesters had risen from 19 to 70, there were arrested 18 people, including local journalists Sergei Solovei and Victoria Revinskaya. 25 out of 40 participants were detained in Slutsk.

About 500 people attended the rally in Brest. Because of the concert in the town square, they marched in column to the local CUM. Dmitri Shurhai, the local coordinator of BCD organizing committee, representatives of the Movement "For Freedom" Ihor Mishkov and Sergei Vakulenko, as well as Mikhail Ilyin, a member of "Young Front" organization registered in Czech Republic, were preventively detained before the action. The total number of detainees equaled to 40.

11 people were detained in Hrodna, including a representative of the informal Union of Poles, Ihor Bantser, journalists Andrei Frolov, Ihor Saenko and Eugeni Vokulenko. 22 people were arrested in Mazyr, with Alexander Kovalchuk the local BCD head among them.

The local "For Freedom" head, Sergei Trofimchik, and journalist Andrei Ponemonov were detained in Biarozauka. 19 people of 30 who came to the action were arrested. 43 of 67 protesters were registered as detained in Vaukavysk. One man was arrested in Kalinkavichy, 10 - in Smaliavichy, 48 - in Barysau.

15 people detained in Salihorsk, among them opposition activists Larissa Nosonovich, Svetlana and Vladimirn Shilo, Pavel Batuev of the BPF, Andrei Tichin of "Young Front," lawyer Leonid Morhotko.

It also reported that protests were held in Mahiliou (involving 300 people), Svetlahorsk (50), Homel (700-1000), Kobryn (about 100), Babruisk (500-600), Biaroza (30), Polatsk and Navapolatsk (60-100 people), Baranavichy (250), Pinsk (150), Lida (100).

There were demonstrations in Slonim, Dziarzhynsk, Hantsavichy, Orsha, Zhlobin, Lahoisk, Bykhau, Pruzhany, Navahrudak, Stolin, Chachersk, Miory, Shklou, Marjina Horka, Berazino, Asipovichy, Belaaziorsk, Niasvizh, Hlibokae, Staryia Darohi, reports "Nasha Niva."

There's no information about any arrests in these cities. As Telegraf previously reported, police detained more than 240 people following similar action on June 15.

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