9 October 2011 г. в 09:25


Weekly Selling Dollar Rate Rose by Br413 at Exchangers

October 1-7, the average dollar rate at exchange offices of the Belarusian banks increased by Br362 (4.84%) - from Br7.484 to Br7.846. The average selling rate increased by Br413 (5.35%) for this period - from Br7.724 to Br8.137. The difference between the average purchase and sale rates increased from Br240 (3.21%) to Br291 (3.71%).

According to the monitoring of the currency market, the maximum purchase rate increased from Br7.600 to Br7.960 for the first week of October, the minimum - from Br6.900 to Br7.600. The minimum selling rate increased from Br7.640 to Br8.040, the maximum - from Br8.150 to Br8.200, BelaPAN.

According to the National Bank, the dollar rose from Br7.630 to Br7.920 (3.80%) at an additional trading session of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange for the period.

"Black" rate, set by the so-called "virtual exchange point" Rrokopovi.ch site, rose from Br7.524 - Br7.674 to Br7.894 - Br8.134 for the week.

The official exchange rate, formed on the main stock exchange trading session, also increased from Br5.640 to Br5.758 (2.09%).


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