11 January 2012 г. в 11:02

Ministry of Agriculture Intensifies Fight against African Swine Fever in Belarus

Because of the rapid deterioration of the epizootic situation of African swine fever (ASF) in Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of Belarus calls on regional authorities to take additional measures to prevent spreading of this disease on its territory, reported in the ministry.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 34 points among disadvantaged domestic pigs and wild boars were recorded in Russia in 2011. There were also closed pig farms and complexes and killed thousands of pigs. The economic losses exceeded RUB 8 billion.

Ministry of Agriculture calls to organize collection and utilization of biological and food waste in processing plants, canteens, restaurants and other catering organizations, including roadside service.

"Transportation and sale of pigs, procured from the public, shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the animal health rules for cleaning and disinfection of technological equipment and production facilities for organizations engaged in livestock slaughtering and meat processing," the ministry noted.

Swine transportation is only possible by car, owned by meat-processing enterprises, followed by binding disinfection prior to each loading, noted in the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry urged to reconsider and cancel the previously concluded contracts for the supply of goods subject to veterinary inspection on disadvantaged regions. The Ministry also urged local authorities to carry out exercises to simulate the emergency response in case of ASF.

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ASF is an acute contagious disease, characterized by a rapid course and high mortality of animals (98-100%). There are no means of treatment and prevention of specific diseases. It is not dangerous for a man.


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