9 January 2012 г. в 14:32

Алексей Столяров

Belarusian Train Derailed in Latvia

16 wagons of Belarusian train with oil and solvent derailed in Latvia, one kilometer from the railway station "Krauja" of Daugavpils municipality. Information about the accident was received at the railway station of Daugavpils at 23:15. The accident resulted in oil spillage. There were no injuries.

In order to prevent more oil spills, blockage was established. The total area of blockage is 4 thousand square meters. According to the rescuers, the leak is localized and does not cause serious consequences, according to DELFI.
As  Telegraf informed, in the evening of November 3 commuter train bound for Molodechno direction derailed in Minsk near the new station "Minsk-North". The last three cars of the train fell to another track, demolished concrete footing of a semaphore  and crashed into a technical train.

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