13 February 2012 г. в 11:48

Navalny: Integration with Belarus - Main Task for Russia

Russian opposition politician, well-known blogger Alexei Navalny believes that "Ukraine and Belarus are the main geopolitical and whatever allies of Russia." It was stated by him on the Ukrainian TV. "Our foreign policy should be designed to maximize integration with Ukraine and Belarus," he said.

According to him, it’s already happening in the "organic form" and is the main foreign policy objective of Russia.

Since the topic of discussion was the Ukrainian-Russian relations, Alexei Navalny paid little attention to Belarus. Meanwhile, his attitude towards Belarus and Belarusians can be judged to a certain extent by his statements with regard to Ukraine.

Thus, according to the blogger, Russian and Ukrainians are, in essence, one and the same people. However, he said he was not opposed to the national identity of Ukrainians and Ukrainian independence. He noted that "none of the Russian democrats, communists and imperials discuss how to seize the Ukraine or something else."

"Not in the least we want to solve the abundance of your problems. We are reluctant to do some work instead of you," he said.

As Telegraf previously reported, presidential election will take place in March this year in Belarus’ neighbor, Russia. They may result in replacing Vladimir Putin, who’s been running the country since the end of 1999 as president, and then as prime minister. In this regard, Telegraf correspondents decided to analyze the statements of the Russian presidential candidates about their attitude towards Belarus in order to understand what Belarus can expect in case of the changed regime in Russia.


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