5 March 2012 г. в 11:52


Azarov: Imports of Belarusian Products Banned Temporarily

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov assures that the ban on the import of dairy and meat products from Belarus is temporary. According to him, the Ukrainian side has reasonable doubts about the quality of Belarusian products, and when they are dispelled or confirmed, a ban will be reviewed.

"No need for some kind of sensation. This is a normal process where each side thinks about the protection of their people from penetration of any disease inside the country. Better be on a safe side," UNIAN quoted the Ukrainian Prime Minister.

As Telegraf previously reported, March 1, 2012, Ukraine placed a temporary ban on imports of Belarusian dairy and meat products, as well as animals, susceptible to African swine fever (ASF), and products and raw materials from them.

The department of veterinary and food supervisory of Agriculture Ministry of Belarus said they had received no official claims from the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine to the quality and safety of the delivered milk and meat products.

Meanwhile, the State Veterinary Service of Ukraine has announced that Belarus, in response to the introduction of ban by the Ukrainian side, threatens to prohibit import of the Ukrainian products into the Republic at 15:00 Monday, March 5.


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