5 March 2012 г. в 11:58


"Young Front" Demands House Arrest for Kovalenko

Organization "Young Front," registered in the Czech Republic, appeals to the Prosecutor General of Belarus to transfer Sergei Kovalenko, activist of the BPF Conservative Christian Party, to house arrest "in connection with the deterioration of physical health." Members of the organization urge citizens to write a similar statement to the Prosecutor General.

"By his hunger strike, Sergei Kovalenko demonstrates better principled and adamant position than the BPF deputies in 1995 on the eve of the infamous referendum to change the symbols. The history does not like the conditional mood, but back in 1995, a similar hunger strike of at least one party member could disrupt Lukashenko’s advance of the Soviet red- green peace of cloth," noted "Young Front."

"Kovalenko’s behavior demonstrates to the whole society the sacred importance of the national symbol, which was not done in 1995, when Lukashenko began demonstrating the power of force. It was enough to scare the Deputies by the Special Forces "mask show" and got them out of the Parliament. Kovalenko persisted in his hunger strike even when tried to be fed forcefully," reads the statement of "Young Front."

As Telegraf previously reported, Sergei Kovalenko was sentenced in May 2010 to three years’ imprisonment for the hanging of a white-red-white flag in the main tree in Vitsebsk on January 7, 2010. He was detained on December 19, 2011 for four violations, he had allegedly committed while serving sentence. December 20, in protest against his detention, Sergei Kovalenko went on a hunger strike, through which he lost 25 kg, as he said.

February 24, Judge Elena Zhuk sentenced Sergei Kovalenko to 25 months of imprisonment in a penal colony. Given the fact that he had already served two months in pre-trial detention center, he’ll be jailed for 23 months.




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