6 March 2012 г. в 11:49


Belarus Pays Lower Salary than in Neighboring Countries

The average salary in Belarus was €257 in the equivalent in December 2011, which is the lowest among the neighboring countries. Ukrainians are close to Belarusians in terms of income, as they earned €287 on average in December. Poles have the highest salaries - €945.

Estonia with €865 goes second in terms of wages. It is followed by Russia on the third place - here the average salary was €721.

Latvia and Lithuania take golden middle - the inhabitants of the Baltic republics got €676 and €630, respectively, in December 2011.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarusian nominal wage is expected to increase by 72% this year and by 70% in the public sector, while the growth rate of real wages is going to be 104-104.2%. This was stated by Deputy Economy Minister of Belarus Alexander Yaroshenko on February 24.



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