1 March 2012 г. в 10:39

Belarusian Orthodox Believers Disrupted Performance of Rock Opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar"

Homel eparchy of Belarusian Orthodox Church has succeeded in abolition of performance of the St. Petersburg Theatre "Rock Opera," which arrived in Belarus on a tour with the rock opera "Jesus Christ – Superstar." The local authorities were requested to abolish the rock opera. The believers’ perturbation was also caused by the fact that the performance was scheduled for March 4 (the first Sunday of the Lent). The rock opera show was also disrupted in Minsk.

According to Homel voblast executive committee, it was not planned to cancel the performance but only to reschedule it for another day. However, the artists have cancelled the tour themselves and now are not going to stage in Homel in the near future, told Head of Culture of the executive committee Oleg Ryzhkov, "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus."

In turn, the official report of St. Petersburg Theater says that the play was not voluntarily canceled but banned. "Due to the aggressive position, taken by a number of leaders of the Orthodox dioceses in Belarus, the play was banned in several cities of the tour."

"The local departments of culture allegedly received letters from "outraged believers" with the requirement to prohibit the "profane" rock opera. Meeting the "wishes of the workers," some secular cultural institutions denied admission to our theater. As a result, the show was cancelled in four out of five cities. As it turned out, the performance of the theater in Brest was in jeopardy. Thus, contrary to all sorts of contractual practices, the theater had been notified in advance about the show cancellation in Mahiliou," noted the theater "Rock opera."

"We can’t understand why thousands of spectators have been denied the right to attend performances and make their own opinion about the spiritual content of the performance, which has long occupied a prominent place in world culture," reads the statement.

As a result, the musical, which caused protests of the faithful, was shown only in Brest. The first night was no sell-out there.

As Telegraf previously reported, in Mahiliou, "Orpheus and Eurydice" was staged instead of the rock opera "Jesus Christ – Superstar."


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