3 April 2012 г. в 09:55

Wind De-Energized 174 Settlements in Vitsebsk Region

In Vitsebsk, April 2, strong winds with gusts of 15-20 m/s broke the power supply in ten regions: Haradok, Hlubokae, Orsha, Verkhniadzvinsk, Vitsebsk, Dokshitsy, Liozno, Pastavy, Sharkaushchina, Polatsk. Transmission facility № 21 was disconnected, so were 396 transformer substations. As a result, 174 settlements and 30 farms were de-energized.

At 6:00, April 3, the power supply was largely restored, with the exception of three settlements in Orsha district. The restoration work is currently underway there, reported in Vitebskenergo.

As Telegraf previously reported, March 25, a strong gust of wind tore off the crane boom at the construction site in the city of Ivanovo in Brest region.

March 19, in Verkhniadzvinsk district, Vitsebsk voblast, in the village Barouka, the wind brought down part of the house. The hostess and her 79-year-old father were not injured.



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