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American Perfumer Invented Flavor of Belarus

The American perfumer, a native of Belarus, Sofia Groisman, created perfume with fragrance of Belarus. "The scent will have a French name "The desire of coolness," but I have called the formula "Belaya Rus №5." It's the smell of my childhood, it is associated with purity and freshness," she said, noting that she intends to visit Belarus for the presentation of her new perfume in the near future.

"I am very happy that I was born in Belarus. First, its nature is wonderful, and secondly - beautiful, right people leave there, at least it was that way some time ago. I will try to make the perfume inexpensive, so that the average Belarusian could afford it," said a leading consultant on special projects of IFF, informs TUT.by.

As Telegraf previously reported, the European market has a perfume with a "true flavor of a real woman" – the scent Vulva. Apart from unusual ingredients, the perfume has an original bottle.


Sofia Groisman - the author of such perfume formula as Paris and Yvresse by Yves Saint Laurent, Eternity for Women by Calvin Klein, Tresor by Lancome, many perfumes of Estee Lauder brand and so on. She also created perfumes and colognes for many celebrities, including actress Elizabeth Taylor, former U.S. first lady Laura Bush, designer of Calvin Klein, as well as the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.


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