23 May 2012 г. в 15:39


Bogdankevich: National Bank Should Investigate Situation with Credexbank

Former head of the National Bank of Belarus Stanislav Bogdankevich, commenting on the situation with Belarusian Credexbank, which caused the U.S. Treasury’s suspicion of money laundering, said it’s extremely difficult to prove the accusations and stressed the need for investigation. According to him, the investigation shall be held by the National Bank, as it’s responsible for the rule of law in the banking sector.

"We obey the worldwide laws in the banking sector: we have laws to prevent illegal transactions, money laundering," said Stanislav Bogdankevich, UDF.BY.

The former head of the National Bank suggests that suspicions might have been triggered by the companies carrying out these operations.

"The mentioned banks, in my opinion, do not even have accounts in the United States. Clearly, the international cross-sectional structures track single-step movement of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars," said Stanislav Bogdankevich.

According to the Head of Information - spokesman of the National Bank, Alexander Timoshenko, the agency is studying the situation with the statement of the U.S. Treasury regarding Credexbank, BelaPAN. Currently, NBB has no comments, stated Alexander Timoshenko.

Credexbank CEO Alexander Aksenevich says that charges of the U.S. Treasury against the bank, called in America a "key center of global money-laundering," are a total surprise for the bank. "This is nonsense. Now we are trying to establish contacts with the U.S. Treasury to make it deny the implausible data, to put it mildly," he said, reports the Belarusian office of "Radio "Liberty."

As Telegraf previously reported, May 22, U.S. Treasury included Belarusian Credexbank into section 311 of the Patriot Act of the U.S. as an institution of "the primary concern regarding money-laundering."


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