2 May 2012 г. в 13:07

Libyan Froze to Death in Belarusian Woods in April

A 39-year-old citizen of Libya, Shahuta Mustafa Suleiman, who disappeared in Minsk on April 18, was found dead not far from the road in a village near Zaslavl, reported the central police station of the capital. His body was found by a fisherman on April 30. According to experts, the Libyan died of hypothermia, as he had no injuries.

According to the police department, a forensic examination will be carried out. Then the body of the deceased will be given back to relatives. The criminal case won't be initiated, the central police station reported.

Shahut Mustafa Suleiman left home and nobody knew about his whereabouts. He arrived in Minsk with a large group of citizens of Libya for medical treatment. According to some reports, he suffered from mental illness.

As Telegraf previously reported, one of the representatives of the Embassy of Libya in Belarus noted in late October 2011 that Belarus supported the people of Libya in healing the wounded rebels.

The wounded from Libya are treated in the departments of ophthalmology and trauma in three hospitals of Minsk - the 3rd, 6th and 10th.





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