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Lukashenko: Want Apartment - Deliver Four Children and Come

Preferential accommodation in Belarus will be granted to those who need it especially. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko in his annual message to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly on May 8. "Everyone should have the opportunity to improve their living conditions, but on a preferential basis (you know, often it's free) - only for the needy. Want a free apartment - give birth to children and come. Three or four ... one or two – think yourselves," said Lukashenko.

According to the President, much more housing has been built in Belarus for five years than in Soviet times. "Millions of people have improved their housing conditions over the past five years, while in CIS we are a leader in housing construction, but the queue is growing," said the head of state, adding that "apartment building has become a source of income for some people."

Hundreds of families in Minsk have two or three apartments, built on favorable terms, in their property, said Lukashenko.

The president noted that the state would fulfill its earlier commitments and lend former beneficiaries, but the new soft loans would be granted only to those who really need them.

Lukashenko: there should not be mindless settlement around cities

"Selection of plow land for the construction is out of the question. Our great-grandparents and grandparents were engaged in agriculture here. And we will not give the land to investors. I’ve been forced to return the right to hand out plots of land to the president. Governors have failed to solve this problem. Be warned - this is the most violent criminal offense. If it does happen, assume that we have virtually imposed a ban on the removal of agricultural land for construction. I'm not afraid of that decision. This will not slow down our development," said the head of state.

Now we're going to develop a point-housing construction only where there is space for this. In this case, referring to the governors, Alexander Lukashenko said: "We must think. Switch on your brain."

In addition, the President banned the construction near the storage reservoirs. He says the water reservoirs should be protected. "It is a gift to us - all Belarusians and guests of the country should take an advantage of it. Water should be protected."

"There shouldn’t be mindless settlement around cities. Otherwise it’s going to be like in the 90's – a total mess. Everything should be nice and tidy so as not to repeat the mistakes we made in the past," said the president.

Alexander Lukashenko instructed the local leaders to bear in mind that that should "push this piece of land to the needy so as they could build there some booth or house."




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