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Lukashenko: Business Council Working Very Badly

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko displeased with the current Council for Enterprise Development. According to him, this structure is currently "working very badly," so he decided to renew its membership. This was stated by the Head of State during a meeting with members of the Belarusian Union of Afghanistan War Veterans on May 10.

"I’m dissatisfied with it (the Council for Enterprise Development under the President - Telegraf). I ordered to make it more substantial, but so far no one has got down to this task. Here the entrepreneurs themselves are to blame: they seek just to lobby for their projects. It should not be that way," said the head of state.

The President believes that board members are required to primarily care for business, and not for personal benefit. This applies either to the general legal and regulatory issues, or specific projects.

Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that the new composition of the board should include, among others, representatives of the Union of Afghan veterans - "the most decent and strong businessman is an entrepreneur from the Afghans," informed the Administration of the President.

"He won’t be afraid to speak and voice the overall problems," the president shared his position.

Meanwhile, as Telegraf previously reported, exactly one year ago, Alexander Lukashenko voiced identical criticisms towards the Council for Enterprise Development under the President. Even then, visiting the company Henkel Bautechnik in Minsk voblast, he expressed the desire to reform the council.

"I'm very seriously thinking how to update the Council on Entrepreneurship, whose work is very poor. I’ve expected the entrepreneurs to make suggestions, including the improvement of the legislation, the tax system. But it’s not the case. This year, we must think how to ensure a feedback from the business community," Alexander Lukashenko said then.


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