10 May 2012 г. в 13:54

Максим Гацак

Lukashenko is Asked to Justify Ban on Releasing Bodies of Executed

May 7, mother and sister of Vladislav Kovalev, who had been convicted on charges of terrorist attack in Minsk subway, as well as sentenced to death and executed in mid-March, sent a letter to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, asking to justify the current ban on the release of bodies of the executed to their relatives. Natives of Vladislav Kovalev suggest repealing provisions of the Criminal Executive Code.

According to human rights activist Roman Kisliak, the family of Vladislav Kovalev sent a similar appeal to both chambers of the Belarusian parliament, as well as to the head of the Department of Corrections at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, informs BelaPAN.

Roman Kisliak notes that Article 34 of the Constitution of Belarus providesthe citizens with the right to request information in state agencies in various spheres of life, if it affects their rights and interests. On the basis of this article, according to the lawyer, relatives of Vladislav Kovalev ask to explain the article of the Penal Code, under which a body of the executed is not released to relatives to bury, while the very place of burial is not reported.

According to Lubov Kovaleva and Tatiana Koziar, this rule is actually a mockery over the relatives of the executed men.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Supreme Court of Belarus found Vladislav Kovalev guilty of complicity in the terrorist attack in Minsk subway that killed 15 people. The young man was sentenced to death along with the main defendant Dmitry Konovalov. The sentence was executed in mid-March, despite the fact that relatives of Vladislav Kovalev had sent a complaint to the UN Committee on Human Rights against the violation of the right to life.




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