11 May 2012 г. в 15:28

Пресс-служба правительства Беларуси

Miasnikovich Criticized Commercial Banks for "Mauvais Ton"

Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich said at the cabinet meeting that the individual managers of commercial banks accepted billionth expenses for representational purposes and bonuses, which is reprehensible. According to him, this practice is regarded as "mauvais ton" in the world and is prohibited by the state.

"I appeal to the representatives of the banking sector: it's not your money, it's the money, earned by peasants and workers, which they have entrusted to you," said Mikhail Miasnikovich, BelTA informs.

According to Prime Minister, if the bankers and representatives of the government agencies and businesses at banks abuse the rights granted to them, the government may tighten the relevant rules and "draw conclusions with regard to the leaders."

Mikhail Miasnikovich also considers it important for the economy to improve the position of Belarus in the international rankings. He recalled that, according to the World Bank estimates, the index of knowledge among the 146 countries of Belarus has risen from 52nd to 45th place for two years, as well as there has been improved its performance on investors' protection, the registration of state property and others. According to the Prime Minister, the ratings are not some tribute to fashion, but the assessment of the economy. Based on this, partners make decisions on trade with Belarus, investments and joint projects.

As Telegraf previously reported, Prime Minister demanded from the government to expedite the preparation of regulations to improve the investment activity, which, he says, is unacceptably slow.




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