7 May 2012 г. в 15:44

Russia Wants Controlling Stake of MAZ and KamAZ Holding

Head of State Corporation "Russian Technologies" Sergey Chemezov said that the Russian side should have a controlling stake in KAMAZ and MAZ holding company. Otherwise the structure would be unmanageable. According to him, 50/50 association does not make sense. "That's why we say - let us (Russia) take a little bit more - 50 + 1," said Chemezov.

Speaking of the negotiations on the establishment of holding, the head of "Russian Technologies" stated of no changes, noting that Belarus had introduced a new evaluation of assets, which the Russian side was not satisfied with, RIA "Novosti."

As Telegraf previously reported, first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said on April 12 that the decision to establish a holding company of MAZ and KamAZ would be taken soon. He also said that 51% of the shares of Rosbelavto holding would remain in the property of Belarus.

Previously, the parties did not agree on the initial estimation of the enterprises' assets. In particular, the management of MAZ was not pleased with the evaluation of their assets at $800 million. So, in November 2011, the Belarusian authorities announced a new contest for the assessment of the company.


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