4 July 2012 г. в 13:03

Ministry of Defense: nobody dropped anything from airplane over Minsk

July 4 in the morning, an airplane piloted by citizens of Sweden dropped over Minsk hundreds of teddy-bears with texts in support of freedom of speech, Swedish mass media inform. The Spokesman’s Service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus stated later that the state frontier had not been assaulted in midair in the period of the previous 24 hours. “All the paths for aircrafts are traced,” the Spokesman’s Service informed.

For the period of the previous 24 hours the air defense alert forces have tracked more than one thousand aircrafts, air traffic control services are constantly monitoring the airspace in Belarus, the Spokesman’s Service noted. Thus, the Ministry of Defense refutes the information about toys dropped from the airplane by the Swedish citizens.

The goal of this action – dropping teddy-bears from an airplane – is support of democratic processes in Belarus, The Local, Swedish mass-media, informs. Meanwhile, they did not mention the organizers of the action.

According to the media, the airplane took off from the territory of Lithuania and without authorization crossed the airspace of Belarus.  As one of the pilots says they had fear the airplane could be shoot down by Belarusian air defense forces.  However, allegedly no accidents occurred during the 90 minutes flight.  “I don't know whether we were spotted.  We flew at deck level,” said the pilot later.

According to information from Aftonbladet.se, this action was organized with the participation of advertising agency Studio Total that had provided money (100 thousand kronas) for the action of local feminist movement who burnt the money on the grill protesting against low salaries for women.


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