19. 05. 2010

Leader of Tell the truth! Campaign Imprisoned

The lawyer of Uladzimir Niaklajeu, Mariana Semeshko, reported that her client was detained on the eve of May 18 after a search in his apartment and office of Tell the truth! campaign. According to counselor, the accusation against Uladzimir Niaklajeu is not brought yet, BelaPAN informs.

Uladzimir Niaklajeu spent a night in Leninsky district police department, then in the morning on May19 he was summoned for interrogation, which details were not closed by his lawyer. The wife of Tell the truth! campaign's leader told that the questioning is related to the case brought under article 250 of the Criminal Code. "It is not clear how Uladzimir Niaklajeu and Tell the truth! campaign - which is not engaged in economic activities - are associated with it", said the poet's wife.

Meanwhile, in prison on Okrestina street now there are also activists of Tell the truth! campaign,  Andrei Dmitriev and Sergei Vozniak - editor of "Tovarishch" newspaper published by Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" - who were detained on May 18for three days as suspects in the above-mentioned criminal case.

Activists of Tell the truth! campaign continue their work

In addition, on May 19 in the BPF Party office there was held a press conference in connection with searches and arrests of Tell the truth! campaign's activists, attended by activists of the campaign, as well as leaders of opposition political parties.

Political scientist, activist of Tell the truth! campaign, Svetlana Naumova, called yesterday's searches a political massacre, which, in her opinion, was held in response to the "popular vote for the renaming of Ulyanovskaya street in honor of Vasil Bykov, and stated that all the activists had confirmed their desire to participate in the campaign, the UDF website informs.

"This political massacre is nothing but an appraisal of our campaign. This is the answer to the question whether Lukashenko's regime can democratize", Svetlana Naumova said, adding that the searches were "undignified reaction of authorities to those rumors which have been around the campaign".

In her turn, human rights activist, Tatyana Protko, said: "The law enforcement officers yesterday hit not individuals but the truth. Intelligence agencies used the scheme of 1937. The people were not informed why they were detained. According to human rights defender, through yesterday's search and seizure the authorities wanted to scare people". "The case against campaign's activists has no trial prospects", Tatyana Protko is sure.

Kalyakin congratulated Tell the truth! campaign's  leaders with the actions of authorities

Chairman of Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World", Sergei Kalyakin, noted that yesterday's events will only add the popularity of Tell the truth! campaign. "It is ironic, but I want to congratulate the leaders of the campaign with yesterday's actions of authorities", the politician said. "This is a great success, since the ordinary people began to speak about the campaign. Today, the authorities simply do not understand what they are doing".

Sergei Kalyakin believes that criminal case initiation is of "purely political color". "It turns out that the government has made the truth a commodity. Under this article there should be put in jail all high-rank officials, who tell lies about the life of Belarusians", Sergei Kalyakin said, adding that happened events are "ordinary fascism" and called on democratic forces of Belarus for solidarity.

In his turn, the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party, Lev Margolin, declared that today "it is dangerous to tell the truth". Vice-chairman of the UCP also compared the government's actions with fascism, and said that "the authorities will regret about the done".

Political analyst and Tell the truth! campaign's expert, Alexander Feduta, underlined that activists of the campaign were not engaged in politics, but the authorities took punitive measures in response to the campaign for renaming streets in honor of Bykov. "This campaign has apparently alarmed the government, because it involved different people - from communists to liberals. These people are united by a common idea. And Lukashenko simply demonstrates to the East, the state bureaucracy and his secret services his lack of confidence", the expert said.

"Despite the repressive measures, we continue to collect signatures for the renaming of streets and the campaign will do everything to release the detained activists in the near future", Alexander Feduta said.

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