14. 02. 2011

Belavia Promises to Reduce Costs of Tickets after Visa Regime Facilitation

"Why are airfares cheaper in Lithuania? Since the number of tourists has tripled after joining the EU. And we have a problem with the population, which is not so much as, say, in Ukraine. What is more, visas are very expensive for frequent travels, therefore, we've got half-empty planes and the losses to cover," Belsat quoted Ihor Cherginets channel.

Today Belarusian travel companies often offer their customers flights from Moscow or Kiev. As reported by the company Avestars, this can sometimes allow $200 saving. "Kaunas is also a good option. If you reserve a ticket in advance (two months), then, for example, it can cost as little as €15 to Berlin.

At the same time, the cost of air tickets from Minsk - a minimum of €150. Only people with visas can allow flights from Lithuania. Now, Belavia management hopes to cooperate more actively with European airlines after the Lithuanian side has simplified the procedure for receipt.

Не так страшен торт, как количество свечек.


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