07. 03. 2011

29 Convicted Belarusian Customs Officers Filed Complaint to UN

In particular, the signers complain that their petitions for reclamation of additional evidences of their innocence were rejected by the court without sufficient justification, and also that their cases were considered by the military court, not the civil court, though they did not swear an oath, BelaPAN reports.

Hereupon, the customs officers believe that the court was not independent and impartial. In addition, according to the complaint, in 2005 after the sentence was awarded the State Customs Committee admitted that prisoners "did not commit breach of duty", as they claimed during the trial.

After repeated complaints from the convicts the court of inquiry formed in 2007 in the General Prosecutor's Office for further investigation, found that only 10 out of 40 prisoners were directly involved in the crime. The remaining 30 were used by the criminals "in the dark", said lawyer Roman Kislyak.

Не так страшен торт, как количество свечек.


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