14. 03. 2011

Belneftekhim Raised Petrol Prices Again

A-80 petrol is banned in most European countries. A sharp increase in its prices is expected to cause refusal of the commercial stations to sell it, AFN.

According to Telegraf, motor fuel at the Belarusian gas stations rose in price by 4.5-10.4% on March 3. Thus, a liter of Ai-95 petrol costs Br3.4 (currently - 3240), Au-92 - Br3000 (2870), A-80 - Br2410 (2250), diesel fuel - Br2850 (2580).

Хожу, как нищий, в целых джинсах, а на рванину денег нет...


Стоит ли вынести военные парады и салюты за территорию Минска?