14. 03. 2011

I'm Out of Reach of KGB, Michalevic

The politician, accused of the riots in Minsk on December 19, 2010, was summoned to the KGB for "investigation." "I have reasonable grounds to believe that I won't leave the building of the KGB. So I won't go there," said Ales Michalevic in his blog.

Meanwhile, the former candidate promised to "keep on working on ending torture and the release of all political prisoners."

It is reported that Ales Michalevic managed to go outside Belarus at night; the road to the "safe place" took twenty-four hours. At the same time, the politician's family remained in Minsk, Pyx.by.

"Personally, there is only one reason that justifies my steps - this is a real physical threat. Everyone can see that these people are ready for everything, their actions lack legitimacy and openness," Ales Michalevic commented on his decision to leave the country.

As Telegraf previously reported, Ales Michalevic, accused of active involvement in the riots in Minsk on the day of presidential elections, was released from prison recognizance not to leave. Under the terms of his release, the politician has no right to disclose information on the case on December 19.

Despite this, the politician issued a statement on February 28, describing the conditions of detention in the KGB prison. "KGB is a concentration camp in Minsk," said the politician, recalling tortures in the jail. Ales Michalevic filed his statement, describing torture, to the Prosecutor General of Belarus, as well as the Committee on Human Rights.

Meanwhile, the KGB denied information about the use of torture against KGB prisoners, voiced by ex-presidential candidate Ales Michalevic on February 28.

Умер человек и попал на небо. Увидел там Бога и спрашивает:
— Господи, ну почему у других было всё, а у меня ничего? Всю жизнь маялся в долгах и нищете. Ну что тебе стоило послать мне хоть немножко богатства?
А Бог ему ответил:
— Я каждый день тебе слал «Уникальный способ разбогатеть без усилий», «Заработок в интернете за несколько часов» и «Реальный способ зарабатывать $5000 в неделю» — ты бы хоть раз по ссылке прошёл.


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