16. 03. 2011

Lukashenko Places High Hopes on CES

"We are ready to do all that is necessary. We have a serious approach to such events, as well as everything needed to begin working promptly," Alexander Lukashenko said to Vladimir Putin.
Besides the president pointed out that "there's plenty of work today, for example, two major events on union relations and the CES." At the same time Alexander Lukashenko stressed that "these two projects are very important for two peoples," BelTA informs.

With regard to bilateral relations between Belarus and Russia, according to the head of state, there were no problems on economic issues either at the end of the last year, or this year. "Even in the middle of the last year an agreement was reached to settle all issues in order to start the new year without any problems, recalled Alexander Lukashenko. - It seems that we did it. There are, of course, problems in the Russian economy, as well as in ours, and we can see what's happening in the world, we are not free from this, but mostly these problems are introduced in the Russian and the Belarusian economy from outside."

Alexander Lukashenko added that he intended to talk about the situation in Belarus, the arising problems, as well as to discuss several other issues.

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