14. 03. 2011

Ukraine Not to Impose Duties on Belarusian Oil Products for a while

Тема: Ukraine Not to Impose Duties on Belarusian Oil Products for a while

"We're in a tense situation today due to the crisis in North Africa. Therefore, there's no such issue on the agenda, but it is widely used by some network owners to divert public attention," said the Energy Minister of Ukraine in an interview with Channel 5.

The minister also stressed the absence of duties on imported petroleum products in Ukraine since 2005.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Belarusian oil refineries are accused of price dumping in Ukraine. Ukraine is conducting a special investigation into the petroleum products imports; some duties might be introduced to protect domestic market from excessive imports. Ukraine receives about 40% of export commodity production of the Mazyr Oil Refinery (MOR). The investigation involves the administration of the plant, the Belarusian oil company Belorusneft and BOC Ukraine.

As stated in the leadership of the Mazyr refinery, "talk over price dumping of MOR petroleum products in the Ukrainian market is absolutely baseless."

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