29. 03. 2011

Unemployment Rate in Belarus is Less than 1%, Belstat

Organizations in Belarus, not including small businesses of non-state ownership, employed 118.025 thousand people in January-February. 9.6 thousand new jobs were created. 114.9 thousand people resigned during this period. In this case, 7.2% of the total number of laid-off have lost their jobs for absenteeism and violation of labor discipline, while 0.9% - due to the reduction of staff, as well as due to the liquidation of organizations.

Most people were given a job at manufacturing firms (24.732 thousand), construction (18.435 thousand), as well as agriculture, forestry and hunting (15.512 thousand).

However, the companies of the listed fields of activity are also leaders in the number of laid-off employees. Thus, the manufacturing organization fired more staff than employed - 24.944 thousand. Companies, operating in the construction industry, dismissed 18.102 thousand people. Enterprises, engaged in agriculture, forestry and hunting, dismissed 16.368 thousand people, which is 856 people more.

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