11. 04. 2011

Former Mossad Agent Landed in Minsk

85-year-old Rafi Eitan and his wife, after landing in the airport headed to Rechitsa where his ancestors came from, reports the publication Kursor.co.il.

Rafi Eitan was born in 1926 in Israel, Kibbutz Ein-Herut. He served in Palmach, first worked in the General Security Service (Shin Bet), and then in the foreign intelligence (Mossad), where he headed the Operations Department.

Eitan's career apex was the operation on kidnapping a Nazi war criminal from Argentina, Adolf Eichmann, who later was executed in Israel.

He resigned and took up business in 1972 and in 1978 at the invitation of Ariel Sharon returned to public service and was appointed to the post of Adviser to the Prime Minister on counter-terrorism, and then chief of intelligence, "Lekem," providing security of protected objects.

Rafi Eitan is banned to enter the U.S. territory since he was implicated in the recruitment of an Israeli agent in the U.S. Navy. It is known that a former minister maintains good business relations with the Cuban leadership.

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