15. 06. 2011

Foreign Debt of Belarus Rose up to $31.7 Billion

External debt of the monetary authority decreased by $141.8 million (7.6%) to $1.71 billion in the first three months of the year. 64.7% of the debt is short-term and 35.3% - long-term.

Debt of commercial banks increased by $1.08 billion (18.8%) and amounted to $6.83 billion, 46.3% of the debt is short-term.

External debt of the rest economy sectors is equal to $11.31 billion, 80.5% of the indicator - short-term debt. During the first quarter it grew by $1.31 billion (13.1%). With regard to direct investments, they increased by $32.5 million (3.9%) to $858.2 million.

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