29. 06. 2011

Lukashenko Urges Youth Not to Succumb to Provocations

The President noted that the youth enter such a stage of life today when it's needed to make life choices and set high goals. "You'd better make up your destiny from the first steps not to regret about any aimlessly lived moment. And if you ask what a man needs to succeed, I would say one should definitely have a dream that inspires," noted Alexander Lukashenko.

"Each of us has our own wishes, the president said. - But I think all of us share one large common dream - to make our country a comfortable and prosperous home for every family. The main objectives and broad horizons, which you have to strive to, are still ahead. After all, today's Belarus is slightly more than 20 years old, which is an age peak of ebullient strength and hope."

The President believes that it's not easy either for a man of the state to be independent and go through life on one's way. According to the president, life is the succession of ups and downs. "And this is a normal process of growth. Difficulties break down the weak, but temper the strong. We are strong to overcome them if we're persistent and have our own mind," said Alexander Lukashenko.

Addressing the graduates, the president also said: "It is now when our country needs people like you - intelligent, energetic and determined."

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that Belarus degrees are listed in the world; the popularity of the Belarusian universities abroad is increasing every year. "With solid knowledge acquired, you can realize themselves in different spheres of economy, science, culture and business. It is possible in Belarus," assured the president.

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko thanked the leaders of universities and teachers for training young professionals in education of whom there were "invested a lot of talent and teaching skills." He wished the graduates achievements, that "not only their families but also the whole country could take pride in."

10 graduate students received commendations of the President of Belarus for excellent academic achievement, good behavior and participation in public life.

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