30. 06. 2011

Opposition being Urged to Join "Network Revolution"

"You'll all suspend you activities until the victory, after which there will be held democratic elections, and gradually the country will acquire a decent management team," state the administrators of the Internet community "revolution through social networks."

"Do you remember a real chance to fight for power? Now, when the initiative is on our side, we'll only need to act. The revolution must constantly advance," said in a statement the campaign activists.

Meanwhile, as Telegraf previously reported, June 29, largest Belarusian democratic parties and movements signed an agreement formulating common demands to the authorities in the economic crisis. The first requirement was the cessation of all criminal cases and cancellation of all sentences of the "case on December 19." In addition, the opposition needs to register all the democratic associations and political parties to create a level playing field of public and private media, as well as a number of changes to electoral law.

Эротические фантазии взрослого человека:
Хочу, чтобы кто-нибудь жадно сорвал с меня ответственность и грубо вошёл в мое положение.


17 ноября в Беларуси пройдут парламентские выборы.

Намерены ли вы участвовать в них?