30. 01. 2017

Garden city – Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of modern technologies and ancient traditions. One of the most striking examples of this paradoxical combination is its capital - Tashkent.

Having settled the placement issues and moved spirit after stirring arriving in Uzbekistan, you can finally enjoy the beauty, comfort and hospitality of the Uzbek capital.

Tashkent - The Capital of Uzbekistan

The central area of Tashkent is Mustakillik Maydoni - Independence Square.

In front of the entering the square there are fountains and an arch with storks, which appeared here after Uzbekistan gained independence.

And almost always you can hide in the shade of the trees. 35% of the territory of Tashkent are parks and public gardens. The symbol of Tashkent, of course, is a spreading plane tree with its spreading leaves and broad crown. What could be better on a summer afternoon?

The old plane trees have thick rough trunks, sometimes they "fade", throwing the bark. The trunks are white. In the center they grow almost everywhere, for example, you can see them at the house of Prince Romanov, across the street from the Independence Square.

Independence Square in Tashkent

Another popular Tashkent tree is mulberry. Decorative trees are neatly trimmed and adorn the central streets of the city; and at the entrance to the park "Blue domes" there is a mighty survivor with the gnarled trunk - a living house.

Well, generally in the spring and summer in Tashkent everything blooms, and in June, something is already maturing. Apricot, cherry, apple, quince, pomegranates, nuts - something just is beginning to ripen, and something is falling almost on your head. In general, the garden city - this is about Tashkent. The land around the high-rise buildings is planted with flowers and fruit trees.

But Tashkent looked not right along, in the history of the city there were many turning points. One of them stood forever in stone – to the right of the Independence Square is a memorial complex "Courage."

Black with blue flashes the labradorite is split in half, the date and time “April 26, 1966, 5.23” are carved on it. The monument is set on the place where in 1966 the epicenter of a nine earthquake was. It virtually destroyed the central part of Tashkent.

memorial complex "Courage" in Tashkent

Tashkent subway brings a special pleasure. This is the first and until 2011 the only underground in Central Asia. It has 3 lines and 29 stations. Metro is shallow, without long complicated transitions, with elaborate ventilation system - there is never stuffy, the stations are well purged. In addition, most of them are decorated with marble or granite, so there is a good escape from the heat.

And yet, Tashkent metro is the most beautiful in the world: glass, mosaic, decorative panels, elegant lamps - in general, not stations, but small underground palaces. The first line of the Tashkent subway was opened in 1977.

And the oldest part of the city is Chorsu region with bazaar of the same name under the blue dome.

On Sunday morning this place is overcrowded; people buy and sell all that is possible - from chickens and rabbits to traditional souvenirs and wedding dresses.

When you purchase it is accepted not only to trade, but also easy to communicate. You will be accurately accepted as a "foreigner"; and also you will be asked about the weather and life. Not only at the market, but also in any other place strangers start talking with you, and sometimes they even respond to questions that you are still only going to ask.

Next to the bazaar Chorsu there is Kukeldash madrassah  - one of the few medieval monuments of Tashkent. The madrassah is acting,  students live and study in it.

Here stands the oldest mosque in Tashkent, built back in the year 819. However, since then it has gone through many restorations that has changed till recognition. A simple cubic building with a dome became three-domed.

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