28.12.2010 13:30

About 100 people, detained by police officers in Minsk during the crackdown on the opposition demonstrations on December 19, were released. As reported, due to overcrowding there were released some people, primarily  those, taken to hospital because of poor health or injuries. Meanwhile, the official reason for the release remains unknown.

Under actual law, an arrested person, while serving his sentence, may seek recognition of a court order as illegal. He may complain to higher authorities. At the same time, he will have to stay in jail while waiting for an answer. Administration of the detention center or some other facility must execute a court order, otherwise it may become subject to criminal liability, «Narodnaya Volia» reports.

Meanwhile, as reported by Telegraf, the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that total 639 people had been detained on December 19.

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