17.03.2010 16:35

27-year-old Baranovichi resident 12 times hit his friend on the head. So, acting this way, he tried to find out PIN-code access to a bankcard. Before that, two men drank a lot. When vodka was finished, one man - who wanted to continue "the banquet" - took his friend's bankcard, knew the owner's PIN-code and went to withdraw money. Standing neat the ATM, he realized that the victim had told the wrong number.

When the offender came back, he began to beat the guy on the head again, but the last one didn’t tell the true PIN-code. After that, the offender robbed the victim, taking three thousand rubles, a lighter and a lottery ticket, informs «European Radio for Belarus».

Law enforcement officials have found that the offender has previously served a sentence for robbery. At the moment, the offender faces up to six-year imprisonment.