07.06.2010 16:48

Lydia Yermoshina, the chairman of the Central Electoral Committee, doesn't consider expedient to change the election legislation on the eve of presidential election. This is how she answered to the joint statement of the experts of OSCE ODIHR and the Council of Europe's Venice Commission.

The head of the Central Electoral Committee emphasized, that in spite of the fact that the opinion of the international experts is entertained in Belarus, the election legislation won’t be corrected with a glance to the remarks, stated by the international experts.

«Any change of the election legislation is almost impossible now, because it is specified even in the general recommendations of OSCE ODIHR. According to them legislation shouldn’t be changed on the eve of elections. It shouldn’t be arranged to the certain election campaigns, and should be common and objective», Lydia Yermoshina explained her point of view.

Answering to criticism of separate positions of the Election code, mentioned in the statement of the international structures, Lydia Yermoshina said that «many statements are based on personal tastes and opinions of some experts».

The chairman of the Central Electoral Committee also asked a rhetorical question: «why some European lawyers or experts understands the law better, than national parliament of Belarus which passed the law?». The head of the Central Electoral Committee added that she agrees only with one opinion of the international experts, that «quality of the elections depends not only on the legislative base, but also on its practical realization».

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