20.04.2011 10:40

Tuesday, April 19, seven others injured in the subway terrorist attack on April 11 were discharged from hospital. According to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, 128 people are on in-patient treatment in clinics.

Charitable accounts opened by Minsk City Executive Committee for the injured keep on receiving funds. Donations was about Br2.9 billion on April 19. In addition, RUB243.5 thousand and $8.23 ​​thousand was allocated to the account of the victims, BelTA informs.

Chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Nikolai Ladutko reported on April 19 that the city government was considering the issue of creating a memorial sign to victims of terrorist attacks in Minsk subway on behalf of the Head of State.

«We’re considering President’s order in practical terms: what should be done to ensure that the memory would remain. Executive committee will certainly make proposals to the President. One of them refers to a place of eternal memory, where there’s a display board with photographs of the dead,» said Nikolai Ladutko.

Nine days after the tragedy, the head of Minsk city executive committee, together with the Chairman of the Minsk city council Mikhail Savanovich, laid flowers at the entrance to «Kastrychnitskaya» subway station. Lighted lamps were left by the heads of administrations of all the nine districts of Minsk on the scene.

As Telegraf previously reported, 13 people died in an explosion at «Kastrychnitskaya» subway station.

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