19.04.2011 09:42

As part of the operation "Arsenal," held by law enforcement authorities after the attack in Minsk subway on April 11, ten kilos of explosives and more than 150 explosive devices have been seized. In addition, 174 units of unregistered weapons and more than 90 thousand different ammunition have been seized from trafficking in Belarus.

This was told by Interior Minister Anatoli Kuleshov on April 18. According to him, there were «filed dozens of criminal cases» for illegal actions with regard to weapons, ammunition, explosives, the maximum penalty for which provides for imprisonment up to 12 years (Article 195 of the Penal Code).

Residents of Belarus voluntary handed over 314 units of non-registered and and 212 units of registered weapons, more than 100 thousand munitions. Interior Minister stressed that the voluntary surrender of unregistered weapons does not entail criminal responsibility.

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