160 Belarusian Officials may Get under EU Sanctions

28.01.2011 14:07
Архив Редакция

January 31, the Foreign Ministers of the EU member-countries are going to introduce a ban on the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and about 160 Belarusian officials, "involved in the repression" against the country's opposition, to enter the EU. Earlier the "black list" consisted of 40 representatives of the Belarusian authorities.

Decision to expand the list was caused by the intention to include the people, involved in «election fraud» and «repression against civil society and independent media,» reports BBC.

As Telegraf previously reported, the European Union will resume the visa sanctions against a number of high-ranking Belarusian officials, suspended in 2008. The list of persons under restrictions has been recently expanded up to 120 names. A formal decision on this matter was taken by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 27 EU countries in Brussels on January 24.