15.04.2011 11:33

Ten injured in Mink explosion were discharged from hospitals on April 14. As of 18:00 on April 14, 162 people are currently in hospitals for in-patient treatment: 22 of them are in a serious condition, 28 - moderate, 112 - mild, reported in the Ministry of Health of Belarus.

As Telegraf previously reported, Israeli medics, having arrived in Belarus, examined the injured in Minsk hospitals. Elon Glassberg has reported that Israeli doctors saw the injured in a serious condition. They suffered mainly from the blast, the elements, it was carrying, and the heat.

«When a man is hit by the blast, he gets swung, he falls down and, certainly, gets some injuries. We saw people with burns, most injuries are caused by different fragments. We saw the expected damages. Victims with burns are those who have suffered the most. The condition of those in emergency hospitals leaves much to be desired. Many of them will receive disability group, but I hope they will manage to survive — not all, but, perhaps, the majority,» he said.

Based on materials of BelTA

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