National Bank Publishes New Money

18.11.2010 13:23

December 1, 2010, National Bank will set into circulation a new commemorative banknote "Natsyianalny Bank Respublika Belarus. 20 years" with a value of Br20 thousand and a circulation of three thousand. Its release is timed to the 20th anniversary of establishment of the main bank in the country.

«The commemorative banknote «Natsyianalny Bank Respublika Belarus. 20  years» is transformed from the 20-thousand-note, being in circulation, by stamping the large coupon field with the hologram, depicting an inscription in four lines: NB 1920 1991-2011,» the National Bank management informed Telegraf.

The banknote is placed in a special package-booklet, carrying the inscriptions: NATSYIANALNY BANK RESPUBLIKA BELARUS, NBRB and elements of architectural design of the country main bank’s building, with the visible image of the 20-thousand-note right through. The inner side of the box with the same background is attached with a clear mount, containing  the commemorative banknote. Boxing booklet along with a commemorative banknote is placed in a gift envelope, similarly decorated.

«Commemorative banknote «Natsyianalny Bank Respublika Belarus. 20 years» of Br20 thousand value is the legal tender of the Republic of Belarus and must be accepted in all types of payments without any restrictions,» the National Bank.