Presidential Candidates to Begin Campaigning

19.11.2010 13:08

Presidential Candidates start campaigning on November 19.  Candidates will be able to agitate voters to cast a vote in their favor until the day of voting on December 19. All ten candidates will not only hold meetings with voters, but also make speeches in television and radio, including TV debates.

Thus, the election headquarters of the United Civil Party candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk has already prepared and handed over lists of the reservation requests for meetings with voters. Party activists have also asked the bank to open an account for campaign donations, and ordered the printing of leaflets, earlier prepared for the publication, the Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty» reports.

The UCP candidate himself will hold the first pre-election meetings with voters in the regions on Monday, November 22. Pre-election tour of Yaroslav Romanchuk is called «Million of handshakes.» «We start with Brest voblast, with the West border, and will make a sort of «arrow» to the north, in Vitsebsk voblast, to Verhniadzvinsk. This will be a symbolic arrow to show our plans for the country, and our primary intention is to eliminate all borders to let the West in Belarus. This is a symbol. We will attend not only regional centers, but all the cities of above 50 thousand people to use use every day most actively,» the candidate said.

BPF deputy chairman, candidate Rygor Kastuseu has also decided to pay attention to personal meetings with voters. «We’ve already had samples of posters and leaflets designed. My task is to organize as many meetings with residents of various cities and localities of our country as possible. Meetings, meetings and again meetings,» the presidential candidate said.

Rygor Kastuseu also said that he’s going to agree on campaign plans with party members in the near future. The meeting of Administrative Board of the BPF will take place on Friday, November 19; Seim of the party will be held on Saturday, November 20.

Kastuseu Wants to Meet with Lukashenko

Rygor Kastuseu noted that he’s also interested in the meetings with other candidates, including the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

In turn, the leader of the Union «For modernization» Ales Michalevic, also registered as a presidential candidate, is going to solve organizational problems in the coming days. A first trip to the regions are scheduled on Monday or Tuesday.

«I’m working on specific technical issues, printing materials, building networks of their distribution, which I’m going to continue in the near future. I hope that soon there will be tables for the election campaign’s information, which I could use for my posters. Apart from this, I have to redraw my electoral schedule, because I’ve been informed today (November 18 — Telegraf) about the time for TV speeches and debates. Accordingly, these days will fall from my trips to the regions,» the presidential candidate informed.

Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko has also begun campaigning. The first public reception of Alexander Lukashenko started its work in Minsk on Friday, November 19, BelTA informs.

All Regions to Open Lukashenko Public Reception

The first visitors were received by the head of the republican headquarters of presidential candidate, chairman of «Belaya Rus» Alexander Radkov. According to him, the public reception of Alexander Lukashenko as the candidate for the presidency will be opened in all regional centers, as well as in large cities in the near future: Maladzechna, Barysau, Pinsk, Baranavichy, Navapolatsk.

«It allows people not to go with their appeals to the capital and makes the public receptions as accessible as possible,» the head of  Alexander Lukashenko election headquarters stressed.

«We hope for the citizens to appeal to the public reception with their proposals, suggestions for further development of the economy and social sphere,» Alexander Radkov said. He also noted that all the citizens’ wishes will be handed over to the head of state.

Public reception of Alexander Lukashenko, located at 5 Frunze street, will run from 9:00