Lukashenko Public Reception Faced Spontaneous Meeting

19.11.2010 18:27

Public reception of the presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko, opened in the former House of literary man in Minsk on November 19, served as a scene for a spontaneous meeting. About 50 people with complaints of unfair court decisions, bureaucratic arbitrariness and other problems, came there in the morning.

People came with banners, requiring a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko. One of the protesters was holding a banner, reading «Mr. President, when will Karelichy gang, that killed my teenage daughter, be arrested?!» «Nasha Niva

«We’ve been united by the trouble,» Lilia Uvarova from Homel says, who is seeking a retrial of her son. According to the woman, all these people met in a line at government offices, where they were trying to find the truth, supporting one another, helping to make a complaint.

A member of Alexander Lukashenko action group Vasili Kozak announced to the protesters that there wouldn’t be any personal reception.

People made a statement, demanding the reasons for their being refused in a personal meeting and planned to stay in the reception room until its closing on November 19.