Tereshchenko Wants to Equate Ruble to Dollar

22.11.2010 12:20

Presidential candidate Viktor Tereshchenko promised to thrice reduce the dollar rate during a speech on the radio on November 22. "We will create the strong national currency in the country and make our Belarusian ruble freely convertible, rising against the dollar. At first, the rate will show three rubles against a dollar, and then we'll reach the rate of one to one in five to seven years or even earlier," the politician assured.

«Who wants to have a dollar in our state? We will become a civilized country, comprehended the secret of national money, and we’ll really show the world a new economic miracle,» Viktor Tereshchenko said, BelaPAN.

«Businessmen and citizens will be provided with interest rates on loans of «not more than one or two, a maximum of 3% per annum,» the politician said. The candidate called for a «reasonable privatization to serve the interests of the nation and the state, but not foreign speculators of virtual currencies.»

Viktor Tereshchenko also promised the deficit budget, approved by the next fiscal year, restoration of the employees’ right to participate in the profits of the enterprise, «a rational tax system», maintenance of the current retirement age, the immediate cancellation of contracts for «workers and technical workers, with the exception of decision-making managers.»

Advocate a Strategic Alliance with Brotherly Russia, Tereshchenko

Viktor Tereshchenko states of being not «opposed to the incumbent president.» «I am also for a strong and prosperous Belarus, as well as for a stable Belarus, but,  certainly, in a strategic alliance with brotherly Russia — today, tomorrow and forever,» the politician said.

In addition, Viktor Tereshchenko is a member of the organizing committee of the Movement «For the Union of Belarus and Russia», which issued its manifesto in Minsk on November 18. «Enormous damage was made on the authority of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and the very idea of rebuilding of the Union State on the former Soviet Union space due to some Belarusian politicians’ reckless and selfish actions. Belarus is no longer perceived by Russia as a trustworthy ally, could be relied upon under any circumstances, and the Belarusians began to look at Russia with caution,» the drafters of the manifesto note, REGNUM news agency reports.

«The unity of our peoples is a pledge of our countries in the XXI century. Disengagement and isolation is a recipe for economic decline, political and cultural degradation. To admit it means to betray the covenant of our fathers and grandfathers of the unity of Russia,» the activists of the Movement note.

Besides Viktor Tereshchenko, the organization also included the «Russian House» head Andrey Gerashchenko, declaring that the Belarusian people is part of the Russians, separated «from the Great Russia due to geopolitical upheavals of the late XX century.» The Belarusian language, in his opinion, was artificially created only in the early 20th century.