Belarusians Invested $605 Million in St. Petersburg Economy

22.11.2010 13:11

The volume of foreign investment into the economy of St. Petersburg totaled $3.72 billion in the first nine months of 2010 and exceeded by 22% the same period last year. In this case, as evidenced by Petrostat data, Belarusians invested $605.9 million in the economy of the city.

Belarus ranks 2nd among the countries, investing the economy of Northern capital of Russia. The top five is as follows: France — $833 million, Belarus — $605.9 million; Belgium — $422.6 million; Republic of Korea — $422.1 million; Sweden — $200 million. Finland as a constant participant of the three leaders has decreased its investment in six times — up to $59 million, «Kommersant St. Petersburg» reports.

At the same time, foreign direct investments in the economy of St. Petersburg has twice fallen. The biggest decline of the attracted foreign funds in the first nine months of 2010 was observed in the construction sector — in more than 13 times, and totaled $25.7 million.