Customs Union Countries Open Borders for Citizens

22.11.2010 15:30

New border crossing rules begin to operate within the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia from July 1, 2011. Customs examination for all citizens of the "great three" will be abolished since that time. This decision was made by the prime ministers of the three countries on the basis of talks, held in St. Petersburg.

Now the three countries have restrictions on the transit of money and goods. In Belarus, for example, export of foreign currency is allowed within $3 thousand without any declaration or $10 thousand due to be declared in a written form. Either a declaration of import, or permission of an authorized bank is needed to export large amounts of money, «Narodnaya Volia» reportes.

It’s possible to take the following goods duty-free to belarus: three liters of alcohol, including beer, ten packs of cigarettes, five jewelry items, no more than three fur coats or leather jackets, four cars and a watch. The exceeded amount is subjected to duties at 60% rate of customs value.

In Kazakhstan, the import and export of tenge is prohibited for foreigners. Import of foreign currency is limited to $500, required to be declared. Export of foreign currency should match the amount, specified in the declaration of import. Goods up to $500 worth can be imported free of duties in Kazakhstan. Customs officers claim confirmation of their stores’ value checks.

In Russia, the goods of above RUB65 thousand or over 35 kilograms of weight are to be declared. Sums of money, exceeding $10 thousand (in any currency, when converted at the rate of CB), are also subjected to declaration. $3 thousand can’t be taken without  a declaration. Passage of more than two liters of alcohol and ten packs of cigarettes is charged. Electronics are sure to be declared.

The import of arms and ammunition, as well as drugs, is banned in all countries. One can not carry information materials, «contrary to Islam, or aimed at undermining and discrediting the state authorities,» in Kazakhstan. The export of rare minerals, and rare species of animals and hunting birds is also out of question.