Trial Oil Pipeline Transit Faces No Problems, BOC

23.11.2010 09:14

The Belarusian Oil Company has said that the trial oil pumping via Odessa-Brody pipeline is carried out in a normal mode without any delay. "Pumping began at the weekend. These are technological issues, associated with the movement of oil through the pipe. It's a normal process, comprising the whole pipeline system of the world," the employee said.

The Belarusian Oil Company denied the information of the oil being too slow, requiring a week to download. As pointed out by some media, the delay is allegedly connected with the test mode of oil delivery. The Belarusian Oil Company has informed that the supplies won’t be fast even if they operate normally, «European Radio for Belarus

According to «Ukrtransnafta» company, over 45 million tons of oil, which is more than half of the planned amount of hydrocarbons, were pumped to the linear production dispatching station «Mazyr» at 14:00 on November 22, BelTA.

According to Telegraf, the process of trial oil pumping to Belarus by Odessa-Brody pipeline to «Pyvdenniy» marine oil terminal began  in direct mode on November 20. The day before, all the necessary customs procedures had been promptly taken, including an independent appraisal (verification of the quality and quantity of oil, delivered to the load terminal) to start a run of 80 thousand tons of oil.