Milinkevich to Speak on TV Instead of Kastuseu

23.11.2010 16:21

Representative of the BPF candidate Rygor Kastuseu, the leader of the Movement "For Freedom" Aleksandr Milinkevich will speak live on Belarusian television at 19:00 on December 1 instead of the candidate for the presidency himself. Rygor Kastuseu believes  it to be more effective than his own speech along.

«We’ve decided that it will be more effective to make separate speeches of Alexander Milinkevich and me, since he’ll be able to  express his thoughts and so will I. We’ll complement each other,» the presidential candidate said, «European Radio for Belarus» reports.

«I think we won’t confuse people. Milinkevich will be my representative. We have the same views and no contradiction. This will benefit,» Rygor Kastuseu said.

According to Telegraf, Rygor Kastuseu gives a speech on the radio on November 26 and December 3, as well as on the First National Channel at 19:30 on November 24.