46.6 Tons of Drugs and Precursors Seized in CSTO Countries over a Week

24.11.2010 16:20

Joint international operation "Channel 2010" was held on the territory of member countries of the Collective Security Treaty November 16-22, 2010. More than 6.6 tons of drugs and 40 tons of precursor chemicals were seized by counternarcotics agencies during the investigation.

Belarus has blocked the four external channels of supply of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, as well as about a dozen of domestic channels. According to the Interior Ministry, the most voluminous narсotraffic was stopped in Barysau. Almost 330 kg of poppy straw was discovered by detectives in the Jeep of a Tajikistan citizen. Another 46 kg of the same narcotic material was found and seized by police in the apartment of Barysau old offender for drug trafficking, «Belarusian News» pass.

Minsk law enforcement agencies have blocked the channel of psychotropic substances’ delivery from St. Petersburg to Belarus. Nearly 3 kilograms of «Ecstasy» were prevented from selling to the consumers in the course of searches and arrests of drug dealers. Criminal cases for drug possession with intent to sell were instituted against a 24-year-old and two 22-year-old residents of Minsk.

Ashmiany fighters against organized crime and members of «Almaz» special units detained a local drug dealer in the act. Nearly two hundred ecstasy tablets were seized from the dealer.

Lepel district prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on Barouka villagers based on the operatives’ information. Individual entrepreneurs used to be engaged in stocking and selling marijuana. 12 kg of «pot» were seized from the man.