Lukashenko Already Lost Elections, Sannikov

25.11.2010 12:17

The leader of the campaign "European Belarus", the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov announced during his TV speech on November 24 that incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko,  also running for the presidency, had already lost the elections. Andrei Sannikov is convinced that "only a few weeks are left till the liberation of Belarus."

«Signatures have been collected and everyone has seen that there were nobody next to the stands with Lukashenko photograph. Teachers and kindergartens’ workers were forcedly driven to the picket lines for collecting signatures but people didn’t approach them. No one came up, because the people didn’t support Lukashenko. And he knows it,» Andrei Sannikov said.

However, the presidential candidate believes that only a few weeks are left till the «liberation of Belarus.» «Meanwhile, Belarus is called the last dictatorship in Europe. Shame for the country, but it’s true. And we know exactly the moment when the country started slipping into dictatorship — November 14, 1996,» Andrei Sannikov said. According to the candidate, chairman of the CEC Gonchar was illegally dismissed from his post on this day. Andrei Sannikov is sure that if not for this case, that day «would be the last day in office for Alexander Lukashenko.»

Gonchar was replaced by Lidia Yermoshina, which is still the CEC head. «The main task of Lidia Yermoshina is the falsification of elections, attempts not to allow observation of vote counting, as well as ballot box fake stuffing,» Andrei Sannikov said.

According to the candidate, there are two reasons for President Alexander Lukashenko being in power for 14 years. The first of them is that the regime killed those leaders who might oppose Lukashenko in the late 1990’s, candidate declared. Among such leaders were former vice-speaker of the Supreme Council of Belarus Gennadi Karpenko, a former Interior Minister of Belarus Yuri Zakharenko and a former chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Viktor Gonchar, Andrei Sannikov said.

Sannikov: People’s Money Goes into Lukashenko Pocket

Andrei Sannikov also accused the current president in the assignment of public money. «Where is our money? It goes into the pocket of Lukashenko. Our money lets him take out a huge retinue to the ski resorts, support the escaped dictator of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev, living here like a sultan and arranging holidays at our expense. Even Dazhinki have nothing in common with the folk tradition of the end of the harvest, but have become window dressing for the dictator ,» the presidential candidate said.

At the end of his speech, the candidate addressed the businessmen to support the Democratic candidates financially. He also asked  state employees not to violate the laws and not to interfere with decision-making process of the voters. Andrei Sannikov ended his presentation with the words «We will win!».