Belarusian Population Decreased by 15.7 Thousand People in 2010, Belstat

26.11.2010 14:07

The population of Belarus amounted to 9.4843 thousand on November 1, 2010, having decreased by 15.7 thousand people compared with the beginning of the year. Population decline caused by 24.028 dead people excess over the births number at a positive migration inсrease of 8.392 people. This is stated in the report of the National Statistical Committee.

As it became known to Telegraf, 90 thousand children were born  in Belarus in January-October 2010, which is 2.615 fewer than during the same period in 2009, while 114 thousand people died with mortality increase of 2.715 people. Natural decline in population was 24.028 people.

According to the National Statistics Committee, the number of registered marriage has decreased by 2% for ten months of 2010, compared with the corresponding period in 2009, while the number of divorces increased by 2.6%. As a result, there were  429 divorces against one thousand marriages in January-October 2010 and 410 divorces in the same period last year.

In addition,, 14.034 people arrived in Belarus during January-October 2010, while 5.642 left the country. Net migration has eventually reached 8.392 people.